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NYC Orientation Schedule

First things first! 

Please watch this orientation video where you will be introduced to all of Mildred Elley’s online platforms, including Moodle, the site where you will take your online classes, Microsoft Suite, and SONIS; you will be given a list of important contacts for support services and staff at the school; and you'll get a demo of how to interact with your various online environments. Click here to view it!

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1.) Meet the Deans & Chairs, Online Support Q & A 

Students will have the opportunity to meet in real-time with the Deans, Department Chairs, and Support Service Representatives at the college, as well as ask any questions they might have before beginning their first week of classes.

2.) Sonis & Moodle Training

Tour of Moodle, our Online Learning Platform, and brief introduction to TEAMS

Presented by: Darren Walsh, Dean of Online Learning